But how can I get some?

Want some Unitus, but don’t know where to get it?

Like any cryptocurrency, it can be used in all the ways a payment method can be used.

You can sell goods or services, and accept Unitus directly to your wallet (get a wallet) or online address (sign up with Poloniex to get an online address).

You can post your Unitus receiving address on your blog or YouTube page, so people can instantly send you tips.

You can use your computer to help run the Unitus network, and automatically receive other people’s transaction fees as a reward for your contribution when you find a block.  (For instructions on mining, scroll to the end of this page.)

And you can buy it with Bitcoin at Poloniex.com – Buy or Sell Unitus at Poloniex.




Mining a cryptocurrency can be a complicated process at first, but after you get everything configured then it pretty much runs itself.

We’ll start with instructions for mining with your CPU, because every computer has one.  Unitus is different from most coins because it uses multiple mining algorithms;  one of these algos is called Yescrypt, and it’s one of the few ways to mine that can actually be worthwhile using a CPU instead of a GPU or ASIC.

To CPU-mine Unitus using Yescrypt, just download this mining software:

Boost-Y CPU Miner

(as with wallet downloads, Chrome may tell you that this file isn’t safe.  Download it with Internet Explorer and amazingly it becomes safe.  If you need a free program to unzip this download, use 7-zip.)

Once you download the miner and unzip it, just open the folder and find the file called “UnitusMiner.bat” –

Right-click that file and select “edit”.  It will open a text viewer and you will see this:

minerd.exe -a yescrypt -o stratum+tcp://p2pool.e-pool.net:8938 -u UgTzuTprhpoL2CCW5bAqpzbZJJwsupWNva -p password

The only thing you need to change is the receiving address, “UgTzuTprhpoL2CCW5bAqpzbZJJwsupWNva”.  Replace that with your own receiving address from your wallet, then Save the file.

Then double-click UnitusMiner.bat, and you’re mining!

If it’s slowing down your computer too much, or your computer’s fan sounds like it’s working too hard, you can adjust how many threads it runs at one time – watch the lines go by on your command prompt while it’s mining;  if your computer has 4 cores, it will be running thread 0, thread 1, thread 2, and thread 3.  Shut down your miner by closing the window, and go back to your UnitusMiner.bat file, and add a little -t 3 like this:

minerd.exe -a yescrypt -t 3 -o stratum+tcp://p2pool.e-pool.net:8938 -u UgTzuTprhpoL2CCW5bAqpzbZJJwsupWNva -p password

Now it will only run 3 threads, and it won’t work your computer as hard.  You can also change it to -t 2 or -t 1, or more than that if your computer has 6 or 8 cores.


Mining with an Nvidia Video Card (GPU)

The first step is to download a mining program that is compatible with your video card and the algorithm you want to mine.  You can mine Unitus with any of its 5 separate algorithms, but for this walkthrough we’ll be using the one called X11.  If you’re using an Nvidia GPU (GeForce) then one program you can use is ccminer (Download Here).  (use 7zip to open this compressed file)

(These instructions specifically cover ccminer, but there are other guides readily available online for any program and any type of video card you use.)

Once you have some mining software, you can either solo mine or use a mining pool.  This guide covers pool-mining, which is much simpler to figure out, and the pool we’re going to use is Uni.Suprnova.cc.  Go there and register a username and password.  Under “My Account”, click “Workers” and add a worker name and password (different from your user account password).  In this example our username is Joe, our workername is Joe1, and our worker password is password.

Now that you have a pool, a worker, and a password, you can go back to your ccminer and create a batch file which will launch the program and start working to earn coins.  Unless you put it somewhere else, the ccminer folder is in your Downloads folder.  Inside the ccminer folder, create a .txt file (right click the empty space in the folder and click New –> Text Document).  Open the text document and paste the following 4 lines:

@ECHO off
ccminer-30-35-50-52.exe –algo=x11 -o stratum+tcp://uni.suprnova.cc:4442 -u Joe.Joe1 -p password

Then change “Joe.Joe1” to your username.workername, and change “password” to your worker password.

Save this file as a .bat file.

(instead of .txt, it will end with .bat – if that doesn’t work, or if it ends up as .bat.txt, then your computer isn’t allowing you to change the file extension.  So go to Control Panel;  in the Search box, type Folder;  click “Folder Options”;  click the tab that says View;  Uncheck the box for “Hide file extensions for known file types”;  Click OK.  Now it will show the file extension after the name of the file, and you will be able to change the filetype.)

Now that you have a .bat file, double-click it and hopefully your miner will start running.  You’ll know it’s working because it will say “yay!!” at the end of the line when your GPU has submitted a valid share to the pool.  You need to leave the .bat file in the ccminer folder, but you can create a shortcut to it if you want it on your desktop so you can easily start it up again whenever you turn on your computer.

Please note:  there are many different ways to run a miner, and this is only one example.  For instance, the above settings instruct your GPU to run at 80% of its maximum capacity.  That will help prevent overheating, but your setup might be able to run faster and mine harder with more advanced settings.

Bonus!  This is a merge-mining pool, which means you’re mining 2 coins at the same time.  You’ll be earning Unitus, but also Cann.  To manage your Cann payouts, just use your existing Unitus login at Cann.Suprnova.cc.  (You can send it straight to an online address at Bittrex.com, and sell it for Bitcoin, without having to download a Cann wallet if you don’t want to.)


Mining with an AMD video card

Click here and follow the detailed instructions:

Merge-mine Unitus with Digibyte and/or Myriad


If you have any problems, come to bitcointalk or search the web for mining help.

Happy mining!