But what can I do with it?

Unitus uses computers to act as a secure form of payment.

With Unitus, you can send payments instantly across the world, for fees of less than a penny – it’s easier, faster, and much cheaper than Western Union.

With Unitus, you can receive payments for no fees at all – much better than the 3% standard merchant fee with credit cards.

You can spend Unitus anywhere that accepts it, and you can accept it yourself with a desktop wallet or online wallet.

And you can exchange Unitus for Bitcoin any time, at Poloniex.com.  You can then exchange the Bitcoin for U.S. dollars or your local currency.

Or you can hold on to your Unitus as a store of value;  there is a relatively low supply in circulation (currently under 30 million), and the number of new coins being generated is constantly decreasing.