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Wallet Downloads

Get started by downloading a wallet.  Your wallet is used to send and receive Unitus.

Get a wallet here


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Completely Optional:

To speed up the first-time syncing process for a new wallet, you can download the blockchain here.  Downloading it through the wallet over the peer-to-peer network can take several hours, and this zipped file will also save you bandwidth since it’s a large file.

Unitus Appdata with Blockchain as of 8/30/2015

If you’re having trouble, or are new to cryptocurrencies and don’t know where to start, bring any questions to the Unitus topic at, or email us here at

To add the blockchain data downloaded from this page, follow these steps:

After you download the Appdata folder:  right-click the .zip file and select “extract all”.  You will get a folder named Unitus, and you need to put that folder inside your computer’s Appdata/Roaming folder before you run your Unitus wallet for the first time.

To find your computer’s appdata folder:

– On Windows 8, right-click the start button and select “Run”, which will open the program called “Run”.
– (for Windows 7, left-click the start button and type “run” into “Search Programs and Files”, then click Run at the top of the list)
– In “Run”, type %appdata% and press Enter
– It will open the folder located at Appdata/Roaming;  drop the Unitus folder into Appdata/Roaming, and start your wallet.

If you have already run Unitus, it will have created the Unitus appdata folder.  In this case, you can replace the files in that folder with the downloaded files.  Do not delete your wallet.dat, because that contains your unique private keys.  Always backup your wallet.dat and keep it in a safe place, because without it you will lose your coins, or someone else can get your coins if they have your wallet.dat (Unless you encrypt it with a password, which you should).